How to Remove Unwelcome Parking Guests - Private Property Parking Signs for Your Building

Although most of our signs are custom made to our clients specifications, one of the most popular stock signs that we carry are City of Edmonton Private Property Parking Bylaw signs.

We hear many stories from our customers about how the authorities will not remove vehicles because there is improper parking signage. No worries! We are here to help.

Our stock signs have the official  wording as per the City of Edmonton Private Property Parking sign requirements. We stock them in the recommended 24” x 24” size as well as a 12” x 18” and you can pick them up same day at any of our 3 locations. We can also create a custom sign with your property name or other wording in just a few days.

Here is some other information you may not know about:

- 2 Private Property signs should be posted at each entrance

- When installing, the lower part of the sign should be 6'6" above ground level

- A site inspection can be arranged with the City of Edmonton if you are unsure of placement etc. Call 780.496.5174

Pictures of our parking signs can be found here. Please call or visit us if you have questions. We promise we won't tow your car.

Posted on August 21, 2013 - 1:12pm by Yung.