Royal How-To Guide: Choosing the Right Plugs or Anchors

In the sign industry, we use a wide variety of tools, hardware, glue, tape and anchors to install our signs. During my time with Royal, I've noticed one of the more frequently asked questions when I'm out on installs is, "what type of anchors do you use?". This is a question that does not have one universal answer. The type of anchors I use to install signs depends on a number of different things including the type of surface I am applying to, weight and placement of the sign, how permanent the sign is intended to be, and a variety of different variables that can come up during the install. This blog post is going to cover some of the more common anchors and when and how they should be used. So whether you're hanging a photo in the bedroom or a chandelier in the lobby, this may help answer some of your questions.

Butterfly Bolts:

+ Works great with any hollow wall

+ Recommended for any install that will be suspended from a drywall ceiling

- Requires a rather large hole. Drill in the wrong location and you'll end up with a large hole to patch

- Once they're up, they're up for good. Bolt can't be removed without losing the butterfly

- Hit a stud or anything behind the wall and the butterfly won't work

Caddy Anchors:

+ Works well with hollow walls

+ Once installed, bolts can be removed and replaced

- Weak. These have a tendency to fail quite often while screwing them in place.

- Their 3" length requires a lot of extra space behind the layer of drywall

- Needs almost a perfect fit. Drywall that is too thick will break them on installation, drywall that is too thin will leave them with a loose fit.

Lead Anchors:

+ To anchor into concrete, cinder blocks, bricks and any other solid walls

+ Easy to use

+ Screws can be taken out and screwed back in at any time

- Does not work with drywall or any hollow walls

EZ Anchors:

+ Great for drywall use.

+ Easy to use. No pilot holes necessary; simply screw it directly into the wall.

+ Strong. Hang up to 50 lbs.

+ Removable. EZ Anchors can easily be backed out.

+ Works even when you hit a stud.

- Not  for concrete or solid walls.

- If you over tighten a screw, they can fail and loosen from the wall.

Plastic Anchors:

+ Easy to use

+ Affordable when compared with other anchors

+ Can be used with most walls and surfaces

- Only for light weight applications

- Not easy to remove once they are in

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Posted on March 28, 2014 - 3:01pm by Stefan.