Royal Products: Heavy Duty Electric Embosser

Have thousands of documents to seal? Royal's heavy duty electric embosser is the perfect machine for the job. The embosser features a patented direct drive with only two internal moving parts and comes standard with extra durable brass die and exclusive alloy counter die for the longest lasting impressions.

  • available with forensic impression identity
  • limited 2 year or 200k impression warranty
  • life expectancy of over 700k cycles
  • removes any chance of hand stress injury
  • impression depth of 1 ½" OC from paper's edge
  • alloy counter foils possibility of damage from staples and/or paper clips
  • multiple sheet or thick paper design available
  • choose paper insert direction (from bottom, left, right or top)
  • fast, quick-touch button activation
  • 110-120 V
  • 13 lbs.

Our heavy duty electric embossers are also available in a long reach format that can leave an impression up to 4" OC from paper's edge.

Heavy Duty Electric Embosser - Royal Rubber Stamp & Sign Co. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Corporate Seal - Royal Rubber Stamp & Sign. Co. - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Posted on April 15, 2015 - 2:21pm by Stefan.