Sustainable, Functional and Modern -- Royal Goes Green With Bamboo!

With the growing trend of 'green' products, many businesses and individuals are looking for products that can fulfill their needs while shrinking their carbon footprint. With this in mind, we have recently released a line of customizable bamboo products. Bamboo is both versatile and sustainable because of its ability to grow incredibly fast, its strength and its contribution to improving air quality. 

All of our bamboo products can be personalized with a name, logo, quote or any number of designs. So whether you are looking for gifts for your bridal party, corporate giveaways or a natural and modern look for a recognition or donor wall, we can help! Stop by our showroom at 10633-109 St. to have a look at our bamboo display, or call us at 780-426-4676 or toll free 1-800-272-8859 for enquiries. 

Posted on May 12, 2015 - 4:29pm by Stefan.