What is Standard?

Sometimes when some of our customers are a bit apprehensive with all the different colors and materials that are available to them they ask us “What is standard?” or “What do other people get?” This blog will talk about the different types of signs that we make on a regular basis and the most popular sizes and colors.

Nametags – The standard size is 3” x 1” and the 2 most popular colors are silver with black text and gold with black text.

Nameplates or office door signs - The most common sizes are 8” x 2” and 10” x 2”. The vast majority are either silver with black text, gold with black text, or black with white text. We have wall and desk holders to match all the common sizes and colors for nameplates.

Handicap signs for parking stalls – Usually are 12” x 18”, blue with white text

Video Surveillance signs – Typically are 12” x 18”, landscape orientation, white with red text

Muster Point signs - The standard is becoming 24” x 24” green background with white graphics.

Vinyl address numbers – For customers that are applying vinyl address numbers to the outside of the building onto glass we recommend white vinyl text. Character height is usually 4” to 6” depending on the size of the window.

Reception signs – When corporate colors are not used, brushed aluminum lettering and logo is most commonly ordered because of the high visual impact.

Cautionary signs – depending on the warning they are usually yellow with black text.

Of course sometimes people want something that makes them stand out. We can help with that too.

Posted on October 25, 2013 - 8:37am by Yung.