Royal How-To Guide - Changing the die on a Trodat Self Inking Stamp

Did you know that you can change the die on a Trodat self inking stamp? We do this for many of our customers so they can reuse a unit when an employee name needs to be changed, a new account code needs to be used and many other reasons. It will save you the cost of buying a whole new unit and the process is very simple.

A picture is worth a thousand words so we've created a slideshow to illustrate the steps. For your convenience we have also written out the steps below. Contact us as 780.426.4676 to order your replacement dies.


How to change the die on your Trodat self inking stamp - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

1. Remove the ink pad and stamp a  few times to remove the excess ink from the die.

2. Flip the stamp upside down and note the orientation of the letters on the die.

3. Lift up a corner of the die using a thin flat tool. We use an exacto knife (use knife safety!). A pen or ruler also works well.

4. Remove the rest of the die with your fingers.

5. Peel back the double sided tape on the replacement die.

6. Center the die on the bottom of the stamp in the same orientation as the previous die. You may need to use a new ink pad if the die has left a permanent indentation on the ink pad.

7. You can change the graphic at the top of the stamp by prying open the cover with a pen or your fingernail and then replace the piece of paper with an updated imprint.

Posted on February 6, 2015 - 3:03pm by Yung.